Adolescent Alcohol/Drug Assessment Intervention Program

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Teens and Over-the-Counter Drugs: A Dangerous Combo


University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics' Adolescent Alcohol/Drug Assessment Intervention Program (UWHC-AADAIP) in Madison is a comprehensive alcohol and drug evaluation program providing screening, assessments, intervention and referral services for youth and their families.

Teenage years can sometimes be a challenging time for everyone involved. AADAIP is a place for teens and families to receive support and guidance for the challenges that may arise.
Adolescent Alcohol/Drug Assessment Intervention Goals
  • Providing a confidential supportive environment for teens and families to explore concerns
  • Intervening before concerns or problems become unmanageable
  • Offering teens information about alcohol and drugs
  • Providing tools for teens to make healthy decisions
  • Helping build motivation for change when change is needed
  • Connecting teens and families with appropriate community resources

The Adolescent Alcohol/Drug Assessment


Assessments take place over four meetings, about once a week for an hour. Parents attend the first and final sessions with their teen. The purpose of the assessment is to:

  • Identify strengths (what is going well) and risks (areas of concern)
  • Determine the level of current or past alcohol or drug involvement
  • Identify any related problems

We explore family relationships, peer influences, academic issues, and mental health concerns. When appropriate, recommendations for further services such as counseling or treatment are discussed with the teen and family. 


Assessment Success Measures


Our outcome studies consistently show that both teens and their parents report a high level of satisfaction with our services. Nine out of 10 of the teens who start an AADAIP assessment, successfully complete the process. At three-month outcome follow-up, teens reported significant reductions in alcohol and drug use and related problems, as well as increased rates of abstinence.


Who is eligible?


Parents, teachers, physicians - anyone with questions or concerns about a teenager's alcohol or drug use - can take the first step by calling AADAIP. We provide assessments for Dane County adolescents up to age 18, and youth who are still in high school or an HSED/GED program up to age 21.