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The following recordings are intended to help participants of the Mindfulness for Teens and Mindfulness for Middle Schoolers class continue their practice at home.


Note: The * denotes recordings that are intended for Middle Schoolers as well as Teens.


To Listen to or Save the Recording


To listen, click on the title of the recording.


To save for use on a personal device,  right click with your mouse over the title of the recording and select, "Save Link As...". You can save the file as an .mp3. Or, you can access the recordings using the iTunes link if available.


Title   Length Instructor
Drop In Practice* iTunes 5:30 Matthew Hirshberg, MEd
Six Point Body Scan* iTunes 6:17 Lori Gustafson, MS
Body Scan* iTunes 16:53 Lori Gustafson, MS
Breath Awareness - Long* iTunes 17:30 Matthew Hirshberg, MEd
Loving Kindness* iTunes 10:48 Heather Sorensen, LCSW, RYT
Multibell Practice Download 4:08 Lisa Thomas Prince, MPH
Body Scan 1 Download 15:45 Lori Gustafson, MS
6-Point Body Scan Download 6:14 Lori Gustafson, MS
Breath Awareness Download 5:39 Lori Gustafson, MS
A Special Place Download 7:02 Diana Grove, RN, BSN
Caring Moment Download 9:38 Heather Sorensen, LCSW, RYT
Yoga Practice Download 22:11 Heather Sorensen, LCSW, RYT


A Few Considerations


Please do not listen to these meditations while driving.


If you have any medical or orthopedic concerns, please consult your physician or physical therapist before engaging in yoga practice.