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American Family Children's Hospital

Mindfulness Classes - Adult

Mindfulness for AdultsMindfulness meditation is the art of paying attention, of listening to your heart. Rather than withdrawing from the world, mindfulness can help you enjoy it more fully, effectively and peacefully.


Each class is a combination of practice, instruction and group discussion in a supportive environment. Our instructors have years of experience practicing and teaching mindfulness and come from professional fields that include education, medicine and mental health.


The mindfulness program is committed to intentionally welcoming people of all races, faiths, ethnic backgrounds, gender expression and sexual orientations. Financial assistance is available upon request.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This course is designed to introduce Mindfulness meditation practice as a way of reducing stress, and developing greater balance, ease and fuller participation in your life. Mindfulness is a way of learning to relate directly to whatever is happening in your life including the challenges of stress, pain, illness and everyday demands. Established in 1993, this program is one of more than 250 MBSR programs worldwide.


The course includes guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices, gentle stretching, mindful yoga, inquiry and application into experiences of daily living, group dialogue, home assignments and audio recordings.


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the UW Health Mindfulness Program, we are excited to offer the Fall 2018 MBSR class at the reduced class fee of $495 (regular fee is $525-$550).


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Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT)

MB-EAT is a 10-week training where you will learn how to:

  • Eat mindfully
  • Practice mindful meditation
  • Recognize the body's feedback systems of taste, hunger and fullness
  • Choose foods wisely for satisfaction and health

MB-EAT is designed for those looking to improve their relationship with food, lose weight and maintain weight loss or for those who struggle with compulsive or binge eating.


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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting

Begin or deepen your practice of mindfulness for supporting the profound changes in our bodies and minds during pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Through mindfulness meditation, movement and group dialogue we can learn to cultivate skills for birthing, healthy living and wise parenting.


In this class you will have the opportunity to increase your knowledge and confidence around the birth process and parenting, decrease fear of childbirth, tap into inner resources for working with pain, improve couples communication and learn about the physiology of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the newborn cycle.


Brown video icon Watch this video for parents' perspective on Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting


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Mindfulness in Motion

Explore concentration, mindfulness and compassion through mindful movement. Present moment awareness, in the midst of movement, is the single most important aspect of this practice. Come ready to learn basic movement patterns which will allow you to explore breath awareness, active relaxation, postural alignment and energy flow, as we apply mindfulness principles to movement. Come away with a movement meditation that will support bringing mindfulness into daily activities and interactions.


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A Mindful Photography Practice

Photography can be a creative, contemplative path for living a mindful life.


The goal of this five-week course is to develop and use insight, mindfulness, and wisdom in the photographic process. Each session will begin with a visual meditation and reflection followed by exercises that will help expand your perception and appreciation of the world around you. You will be given weekly assignments, sending images via Dropbox by Thursday. Images taken for each week's assignment will be shown at the Saturday class.


Participants will have the opportunity to share and discuss pictures taken for assignments, not as a technical critique, but rather to demonstrate that the process is varied and the only common denominator is the instrument, namely, the camera.


No prior mindfulness or photography experience is needed. This class is open to anyone desiring to enjoy their sense of sight in a deeper way. Any type of digital camera is appropriate for this class.


Brown video icon Watch this video for a better idea of what's in store for you in this course: Mindful Photography


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Mindful Drawing

Connecting Mindful Practices with the Discipline of Drawing


Class is open to high schoolers and adults who have completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program.


This class includes periods of mindfulness practice and basic drawing technique. Time will be spent noticing the relationship between mindfulness and drawing.


This is a class for all skill levels - from beginning to advanced. All drawing materials such as sketchbook, pencils and other media are provided.


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Mindfulness and Aging

In this class we gently begin to explore our relationship to aging. Through mindfulness practices including deep listening, gentle movement and guided sitting meditation, we can learn to befriend the changes and lighten the spirit.


We will be using drawing, movement, insight dialogue, guided practices such as "letting-be," and receiving and caring moment practices as ways to access information from our body/heart/mind as we explore together this opportunity to relax into aging.


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Getting Started With Mindfulness Meditation

In this six-week introduction to mindfulness meditation, we will explore a variety of individual and interactive practices that support a connection of body, heart and mind.


Mindfulness meditation is a way of developing our attention so that we become more aware of our experience in the here and now, with clarity and kindness. With practice, we can begin to recognize when we fall into automatic pilot. We experience more choice to respond, rather than habitually react, to our own internal and external circumstances.


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Day of Mindfulness

Registration in the Day of Mindfulness is for those who have already participated in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program.


Join ongoing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program participants at their Day of Mindfulness. Dress comfortably and bring a sack lunch. If you would like to use a blanket, cushion or mat, please bring one along.


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Additional Offerings

These classes are offered at various times throughout the year. Check back for updates or request to receive the Mindfulness Program e-newsletter with updated course announcements. To request newsletter, please call (608) 265-8325.