COVID-19 Update: To protect the health and safety of everyone in our community, UW Health is suspending many mindfulness classes or hosting a virtual version using the WebEx online meeting tool. 


If you are currently registered in a mindfulness class, please watch for email communications with updates. For future events, please monitor this website for updates.


Our mindfulness practice can be a source of support during this time of uncertainty and concern for the safety of ourselves and others. By tuning into the connection of our feet on the ground, or the sensations of water on our skin when washing our hands, we can engage the power of a mindful pause. We can bring a kind awareness to our stress reactions and pause. We can recognize when we are ruminating or catastrophizing, and invite a mindful pause. We can turn toward the difficulty of this moment with compassion. We can expand our outlook and offer wishes for wellbeing to ourselves and others. May you be safe and healthy. May all beings around the world be safe and healthy. 


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UW Health Mindfulness Program


Mindfulness meditation is the art of paying attention, of listening to your heart. Rather than withdrawing from the world, mindfulness can help you enjoy it more fully, effectively and peacefully.


UW Health Mindfulness, An Exploration of the Ethical Context of Mindfulness: May 29-31, 2020  

Meditation and The Good Life


Devin Berry and Devon Hase will explore how ethical conduct supports the meditative path, and how mindfulness can lead to a life well-lived, rooted in goodness and well-being. All are welcome.


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UW Health Integrative Medicine Mindfulness drop-in sessions: Two Mindfulness participants in class  

Mindfulness Drop-ins


Tune up your Mindfulness practice and reaffirm your intention to lead a mindful life. These sessions will be done via video conferencing.


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Learn more about Mindfulness Drop-in Sessions for People of Color

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