Vein Care: Our Doctors

At UW Health Transformations on the far west side of Madison, Wisconsin, the following doctors specialize in vein care, including Treatment for Varicose Veins and General Venous Disease.
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UW Health Transformations vein care doctors: Kyla Bennett, MDKyla Bennett, MD
Dr. Bennett, a board-certified surgeon, provides vein care at Transformations by performing ambulatory phlebectomy and radiofrequency ablation. View Dr. Kyla Bennett's Complete Bio
Dr. Margaret Schwarze, Vascular Surgery for Veins, Transformations Plastic Surgery, Madison, WisconsinMargaret Schwarze, MD
Dr. Schwarze, who is board certified in general surgery and vascular surgery, performs ambulatory phlebectomy and radiofrequency ablation at Transformations. View Dr. Margaret Schwarze's Complete Bio