Q. Topical niacin products for skin - can they help?

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A. By nature, niacin increases circulation within the skin to help generate more vital cellular regeneration. When applied topically, niacin works to stimulate the skin's natural repair process to renew healthy skin cells. It also strengthens the skin barrier to become more resilient and resistant to sun damage.


Who needs it?


Topical niacin products can be ideal for any patient who sees or would like to prevent premature signs of aging, such as lines and sun spots. It can also be suitable for someone who is undergoing aggressive skin care treatments or procedures, such as chemical peels or other resurfacing treatments.


Available at UW Health Transformations Jeune Skin Care, NIA24 products are designed like a medical protocol to take every action:
  • Pre-damage action
  • Pro-active repair
  • Act as an antidote to diagnose problems deep within the skin


Inside NIA24's MicroNutrient delivery system, it brings a continuous-release form of niacin to the skin to strengthen and repair sun damage and hyperpigmentation. NIA24 works by improving the skin's barrier function, thus overall skin tone and texture improve.


Without it, skin can fall prey to daily sun and environmental stressors that slow down its protective function and speed visible signs of aging.


So again, who needs it? We all do!
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