Rejuvenate Your Skin for Fall with the Biomedic LHA Peel

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woman's face; about the Biomedic LHA PeelFall is a great time to rejuvenate our skin after the summer months. The LHA Peel from Biomedic, available at UW Health Transformations Jeune Skin Care, is an excellent way to achieve smoother, radiant and more even toned skin.
Why should you use a chemical peel?
The need for exfoliation. Photo-aged, hyperpigmented or dull skin is characterized by the accumulation of dead cells on the skin surface and slowed down cellular renewal. Such skin does not regenerate quickly enough. The signs of aging and various imperfections become more visible.
A chemical peel, like the Biomedic LHA Peel, allows the exfoliation of dead skin cells and helps reactivate cellular renewal. The result: smoother, even, more radiant skin.
The LHA Peel uses a breakthrough pro-exfoliating active ingredient, Lipo-Hydroxy-Acid. Lipo-Hydroxy-Acid is a derivative of salicylic acid, but provides a six-times superior exfoliation than pure salicylic acid alone. LHA Peels are for the treatment of fine lines, brown spots and skin imperfections.
What can I expect during an LHA Peel procedure?
The skin is prepped with the LHA gel cleanser and LHA solution in the office, when you schedule your Jeune Skin Care appointment. Following the use of the degreasing wipe, the LHA Peel solution is applied. Once the optimal level has penetrated, the LHA Peel solution self-neutralizes and becomes inactive. The solution is not rinsed off to allow for continuous action.
What can I expect in the days following an LHA Peel procedure?
Immediately following the treatment, your skin may have a whitish tinge from the absorption of the LHA acid. This will be gone as soon as you wash your face. The next day, the skin may appear slightly pink and feel somewhat tight. Within 24 to 48 hours you may or may not notice visible flaking or peeling. This peeling can be controlled with moisturizer and mineral makeup may be applied. After 3 days, the LHA home care products are resumed.
The Complete Treatment
Begin the LHA preparation at home two weeks prior to the peel. This consists of three home care products that your Jeune Skin Care medical aesthetician will instruct you how to use. These products are also used in between each LHA Peel session.
The LHA Peel procedure consists of a series of 4-6 in-office peels. The peels are recommended in 2-4 week intervals.
LHA Peel: Special Offer
A series of four in-office peels and pre-peel product kit costs $525 ($75 savings). For the month of October, purchase the LHA Peel Package from Jeune Skin Care and receive an additional LHA Peel free ($110 value). Learn more