Q. What can I do for dark under-eye circles?


A. There are many biological changes that happen as we age that cause visual reminders that the years have not been as kind to our faces as we would have liked - such as wrinkles and age spots. Dark under-eye circles are another annoyance that can be age-related, sending many people to cosmetic aisles or makeup counters searching for the one product that can get rid of them.


What causes dark under-eye circles, and what can help?


Certainly, dark circles can be due to age, heredity, stress and lack of sleep, but there is a bit more to it. Dark circles are formed when tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin leak or burst, releasing hemoglobin which separates and mixes with other pigmented products, such as billirubin, thus causing dark circles under the eyes.


What can help? Aside from sleep or different genetics, there are new products available in the form of eye creams that can not only benefit dark circles, but also other signs of aging around the eyes.


One particularly good product is Teamine Eye Cream. Teamine not only brightens and smooths skin - it also makes the skin look less transparent, so blood vessels and broken capillaries are less visible. It also targets puffiness and loss of elasticity to soften fine lines.

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