Product Diversion: Buying Skin Care Products Online and Elsewhere

Skin care advice from the experts at UW Health Transformations Jeune Skin Care:


woman shopping; Be careful where you choose to buy skin and hair care products - "diverted" products can be counterfeit, old, diluted or contain harmful bacteria

Shop till you drop.... just a click away. Today, you can buy just about anything online - and it is so easy! From clothing to cars, the choices are almost endless.


What about skin and hair care products? What is "Product Diversion?" Never heard this term before? Most consumers don't know what it is, yet most likely have purchased diverted goods at one time or another.


What is Product Diversion?


Product diversion is when products that are meant for exclusive distribution at a specific retailer end up on the shelves of unintended or "unauthorized" places - a grocery store, drugstore, retail chains, various online websites, etc. 


Have you ever wondered why there are labels on products that may say something like: "Genuine products are only guaranteed when sold in licensed salons and spas?" Diversion is very common when it comes to hair care products and is definitely on the rise for skin care, too. Just take a walk down the beauty aisle of one of the big box stores and you will undoubtedly see some typical salon professional hair care product brand, such as Paul Mitchell, Redken, Matrix and Big Sexy.


What Does Diversion Mean to You? 


Diverted products are obtained through what's known as the "gray" market. It may look the same, smell the same, feel the same and have almost identical packaging - but is it the same?


Diverted skin and hair care products can be counterfeit, old, diluted or contain harmful bacteria. Many times they are expired products that have been sitting in non-climate controlled warehouses. These products may not be safe to use and could cause irritation or infection.


Products purchased from an "unauthorized" retailer are NOT guaranteed by the manufacturer to be authentic and perform as tested. Often, the prices are even higher than when purchased from a salon, spa or medical facility.


An example is Revision Skincare. It states right on their website: Revision Skincare products are available exclusively through dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical spas. Be sure to purchase our Advanced Skincare Line of products from a physician or medical spa and not from the unauthorized sellers listed on our product authenticity page.


There are some companies that do allow online purchasing directly from their website. Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics is one such company. This is NOT diversion. You can rest assured you are getting the real deal.


"But My Friend Uses X, Y, Z... and Her Skin Looks Great!"


If you were sick and not getting better, would you diagnose yourself? Hopefully, you would make an appointment with your doctor to see what is ailing you. We are all unique and what is the right choice for one is not necessarily correct for another. Choosing the wrong products for your skin may make things worse, potentially causing more harm than good.


Here at UW Health Transformations Jeune Skin Care, our knowledgeable and educated medical aestheticians make specific recommendations based on the client's skin type and condition, along with the client's desired skin care goal. We do not partake in product diversion. We are authorized to retail the professional product lines we carry through our ethical, well-built business relationships with our vendors.


So, the next time you think you are getting a "deal" when purchasing your skin care products sold in "unauthorized" places, you may want to think again. It is like a playing a game of Russian Roulette - is it worth it to risk your skin health? Food for thought… you decide. 


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