Preventing Acne Scars on Skin

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Scars from acne can almost seem like double punishment. First you have to deal with the actual acne pimples, then you end up with marks as a reminder. Is there anything that can be done to prevent the scarring?


There are some topical skin care products that can improve mild scarring, but unfortunately, some acne scars need to be treated with a combination of treatment or procedures.


Early acne scars begin as an acne lesion has healed. It can leave behind a reddish or hyperpigmented mark on the skin. Most of us will assume that it is already a scar, but rather it is a post-inflammatory change. The discoloration is seen as the skin goes through its healing process, which can take 6-12 months.


If the area remains free of more inflammation from other pimples, the skin will heal normally. If there is still a change in color after one year or more, it is then considered a permanent scar.


Treat Early Acne Scars


Transformations' Dr. Ben Marcus discusses
the use of the Sciton Joule laser
for treatment of acne and acne scarring

There are certain practices and medications that can help speed the healing process along (several products are available at Jeune Skin Care):

  • Apply a topical medicated gel or cream containing salicylic acid once a day to the area at the first sign of a pimple. It will reduce inflammation and hopefully prevent it from worsening.
  • Do NOT pick! It is very tempting but picking at scabs must be avoided at all costs. Scabs form to protect the healing process that is going on underneath them. Pulling off a scab before it is ready interferes, prolonging the entire process of healing. You could actually create scars this way.
  • Exfoliate regularly. The best way to prevent scars is to prevent the pimples in the first place. Using a mild exfoliant containing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) will keep skin clear of debris and pores clear.
  • Wear sunscreen. Unprotected exposure to the sun will only cause darkening and delay healing.
  • Use Retin-A carefully – tretinoin speeds the skin's ability to resurface, thus helping heal post-inflammatory changes.
  • Apply a topical vitamin C serum. Once the acne has cleared, it will produce new collagen for depressed scars and help reduce inflammation and mild discoloration.
  • Chemical peels are a great way to treat active acne and reduce scarring. Peels encourage the skin to resurface to a degree, thus encouraging collagen production  

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