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Limited Time SkinCeuticals Special: 20% off the New Phloretin CF 
$120.00 (regular price: $150.00)
Introducing Phloretin CF: 2% Phloretin, 10% Vitamin C and 0.5% Ferulic Acid

After five years of extensive research, SkinCeuticals developed this patent-pending breakthrough product. Phloretin CF is optimal for:
  • Diminishing age spots and hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
  • Accelerating cell renewal
  • Improving laxity
  • Retexturizing skin
woman's face; October Jeune Skin Care Special Offer - 20% off the new Phloretin CF from SkinCeuticalsPhloretin CF: Reducing Fine Lines and Age Spots
Phloretin CF represents a new class of preventive and corrective topical antioxidant treatment. Phloretin CF combines the newly-discovered, broad-range power of phloretin with vitamin C and ferulic acid in a biodiverse formulation to divide and conquer the sources of damage at every level.
Phloretin CF, a broad-spectrum treatment, protects not only against free radicals, but the range of other reactive molecules known to cause damage and DNA mutations among the integral cell types. In addition, it corrects existing damage by stimulating the synthesis of essential proteins and fibers and accelerating cell turnover.
The result - a strengthened support structure on the inside and a more youthful, firm, radiant appearance on the outside.
Phloretin, the molecule, is derived from the bark of fruit trees such as apple, grapefruit, and pear. Phloretin is a broad-spectrum molecule newly identified for its antioxidant properties and recently studied for use as a pigment-regulating and penetration-enhancing agent in the medical community.
Phloretin's unique molecular structure displays a wide range of bioactivity such as anti-cancer, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory.

Results show reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, mottled texture and age spots for dramatically healthier, stronger and more visibly radiant skin beginning as early as 4 weeks.