Making Arrangements Before Your Surgery

Transformations Surgery Center, Inc.
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The Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., is located on the far west side of Madison, in Middleton, Wisconsin 
2349 Deming Way (Map)
Middleton, WI 53562

Transformations Surgery Center, Inc.

Transformations Surgery Center, Inc.Post-Surgery Activities

Please do not plan any activities for the remainder of the day of your procedure so that you can rest and recover.

Transportation and Care

Please arrange for someone to drive you to and from our facility. You cannot drive for the rest of the day after your procedure because of the sedation medications you will receive.

To protect your privacy, the person accompanying you to your procedure should be someone with whom the surgeon can discuss your health and results of the procedure.

You will need to arrange for a responsible adult to assist you with the following:

  • Drive you to and from our facility (do not use a cab or bus) 
  • Be present throughout your stay with us 
  • Provide care for you for 24 hours or more after the procedure

For these reasons, please have your driver come with you to the Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., and stay until you are discharged.


In order to devote attention to the patient, we request that you do not bring children with you the day of your procedure. Because our setting and the length of time spent in a waiting area may be stressful for children, we request that you make child care arrangements rather than bring children with you.

Interpreter Services

If necessary, we will provide you with a qualified professional medical interpreter at no additional cost to you. If you will need an interpreter, please contact us pre-admission at (608) 836-9990 or (866) 447-9990 to make arrangements prior to your procedure.

Private Nursing Services

A service many of our patients have found helpful is post-operative private nursing care services provided by experienced, licensed nurses. Such services may help speed up and ease your recovery, and make the entire experience less stressful for both you and your family. If you are interested in such services, our staff may provide you with a list of private nursing care service providers.

Please note that Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., does not have any ownership or other financial interest in any private nursing care service providers.

Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., is a joint venture of UW Health and UnityPoint Health-Meriter, with both owners setting high standards for patient care and safety in Wisconsin’s greater Madison area.