Q. My 17-year-old son is experiencing acne breakouts on the face. He now finds it difficult to shave. Any suggestions?


A. Young men with facial hair know that shaving with acne can be a bit of a challenge. These tips may help minimize skin irritation when shaving with acne:

    • Before shaving, soften the hairs. Wetting the face thoroughly with warm water can help to soften the facial hair. One way to do this would be to run a wash cloth under warm water and let it sit on the face.


    • Shave with the grain; the grain is the direction the hair grows in.


    • Try shaving with both an electric razor and a safety razor to see which works best for you.


    • Use a single edge razor to minimize skin irritation. The double, triple and quad blades can shave too closely, aggravating acne.


    • Make sure the blade is sharp. This helps prevent nicks from a safety razor, which can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts.


    • Shave lightly. This can help avoid nicking acne lesions, which could make acne worse.


  • Never try to shave off acne. This aggravates the condition and makes acne worse. 

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