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Q. How Can I Help My Painful, Dry, Cracked Lips?


A. Winter is here. Because of the change in weather our skin really takes a hit. A part of our skin we always seem to forget about until we are suffering is our lips.


Unlike the rest of our skin, our lips do not produce natural oils to protect them. However, other symptoms similar to cracked lips can often be mistaken for this problem. The following symptoms can indicate you may have dry lips:

  • The need for frequent lip licking
  • Peeling of the lips (flakiness)
  • Cracks or bleeding on both sides of the mouth
  • Sensitive or painful open sores

What Can Be Done to Help Dry Lips?

  • Try avoiding heavily flavored or scented balms or cosmetics
  • Use a humidifier in home or office
  • Protect lips from the sun
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Try to avoid licking lips. Once the saliva evaporates, lips become drier
  • Apply a moisturizing lip balm (We suggest Jane Iredale's Lip Drink. It is an SPF of 15 and contains macadamia nut oil and green tea.)
  • Try a lip treatment such as Skinceutical's Antioxidant Lip Repair to nourish and prevent cracks
  • Try using a fluoride free toothpaste for a while to see if the dryness subsides
  • Contact your physician if the problem is severe or persists. It could be a sign of another condition or allergy.

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