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Q. I'd like my neck to look more youthful. What are my options?




woman's face and neck; UW Health Transformations Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, Madison, WisconsinA. Many women have spent years taking care of their faces with expensive creams and treatment products. Many have even sought the help of surgeons to correct wrinkles on the face with surgery or laser treatments.


But what about the neck? Unfortunately, the neck is unforgiving when it comes to showing a woman's true age.


So, what options are available that really work to restore a youthful look to the neck? The neck needs special treatment because, unfortunately, fatty tissue loosens in the neck and gathers, causing skin to sag and look heavy in areas where the fatty tissue is deposited.


Unlike the face, the neck doesn't have much structure to keep a youthful appearance… but there is hope! Revision Skin Care has introduced a specific blend of proven ingredients that work together to form a highly effective cream - Nectifirm.


Clinical trials have shown a 40 percent increase in firmness of the neck in just 28 days. Here's how Nectifirm works: biotechnological extracts from a plant-based molecule break down the adipose tissue (fatty connective tissue) usually seen in the jowls, chin and neck, preventing it from accumulating further.


Other interesting ingredients (such as baker's yeast, bamboo, peptides and glucosamine) are included to strengthen the dermal and epidermal junction, reducing wrinkle depth. This mixture of ingredients will mimic the skin's own ability to create collagen while providing extra protection from photo-damage.


When used twice daily, results can be typically seen in around 2-4 weeks. A jar of Nectifirm may last 2 months when applied twice a day, retailing for just $60.00. To purchase Nectifirm or for more information, schedule an appointment at UW Health Transformations Jeune Skin Care: