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Q. I would like fuller lips. What are my options?



woman's face; UW Health Transformations Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, Madison, WisconsinA. There a couple of options available to enhance the lips and make them fuller.




Injectables give a long lasting fullness and plumpness to the lips. Lip injections are a quick, in-office procedure available at UW Health Transformations that is done by the physician with immediate results.


Hyaluronic acid fillers work very well in the lips and can last up to one year. Our doctors work with you to give you the most natural look. Request a Free Consultation


Topical Lip Plumpers


Topical Lip Plumpers work to temporary plump the lips. SkinMedica's TNS LipPlump System is the first and only clinically proven two-step lip treatment for softening fine lines around the lips and also plumping and enriching natural color.


The first step contains human growth factors to improve lip texture, minimize fine lines and increase lip volume over time. Rejuvenating hyaluronic and marine filling spheres seek out moisture to instantly hydrate and plump while a tripeptide stimulates collagen for firmer, smoother more defined lips.


The second step is a clear plumping gloss that uses niacin to stimulate microcirculation and enhance lips' natural color.


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