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smiling woman; What are the makeup trends for fall?; UW Health Transformations Jeune Skin Care, Madison, WisconsinQ. What are the new makeup trends for fall?
Of course we all love summer's soft pinks and corals, enhanced by nice sun-kissed skin. However, soon the leaves will be changing and so should your makeup.
Now that we are approaching a new season, you might want to dig out those green and brown eye shadows as well as blushes you never wear. It is time to turn over a new leaf!
Fall always seems to bring about the deeper, richer tones of classic burgundies, sables and grays. Red lipstick and blushes always seem to make a comeback because of the vibrancy.
So what is "in" this fall? Dramatic eyes hued with plums, greys and emeralds, as well as lips of a softer shade are on the runway this season.
Well, not everyone can afford to - or even wants to - change their entire makeup wardrobe. However, you can update your look by switching or adding a few things to your already stuffed makeup bag.

How can you achieve an easy shift into the season?
  • Start with the Basics 

    Start with basic neutrals browns or greys, then throw in a richer tone such as Jane Iredale Slate Brown or Wine and Roses to the crease and blend. Also try applying the darker shade to the outer eyelid to make your eyes pop. If you are feeling really daring, apply an emerald green hue to your lash line prior to your eyeliner.
  • Romantic and Sheer 

    Soft and understated is how you want your cheeks and lips this season. Creamier rose or mauve hues create a nice backdrop to the main focal point… your eyes.

    Choose neutral tones and contour the cheek area. Then place the blush under the cheekbone instead of directly on it. It should be defined, but subtle. Then, follow by adding a small amount of blush on the apple of the cheeks.
    Forget the dark lipstick and opt for a tinted gloss with pink or bronze undertones. (Try shades such as Jane Iredale Iced Mocha or Candied Rose gloss for a subdued yet elegant touch.)
  • Less is Best 

    Remember, the key to a successful season trend is to not overdo the trends. Too much color can certainly date a look. Choose to wear either a dramatic eye or lip, but not both. Stick with the basics and spend a bit more time adding your own touch of flare with some new colors this fall! 

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