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View Cosmetic Procedures in 3-D Animation
woman's back, Jeune Skin Care Ask the Experts, UW Health Transformations, Madison, WisconsinQ. I am 45 years old and still have acne breakouts. What can I do to prevent acne and what can I do about the scarring that I have?
A. First of all, rest assured - it is not that unusual to still experience acne breakouts at 45. The good news is that there are definitely options to help prevent future breakouts and also clear up the acne that you are experiencing.
We would first recommend a skin consult/evaluation with a medical aesthetician to review your skin history and current products that you are using. A proper skin care routine is very important to keep pores clean and functioning properly.
Determining the right products for your skin type is where a skin care professional can really be beneficial. Products that contain salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids and retinols can all help to keep the skin blemish-free and looking smooth.
Acne scarring can be improved by several different methods. For more superficial scarring, chemical peels can help to smooth out skin texture and make the scarring less visible. For deeper scarring, a physician may choose to do traditional Dermabrasion, Cosmetic Laser Services, or deeper Chemical Peels.
To find the best products for your skin type, Jeune Skin Care offers complimentary skin evaluations with one of our licensed medical aestheticians. Please call (608) 836-9990 to set up your appointment.