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woman's face; Jeune Skin Care Ask the Experts - Lip Plumpers
Q. How do topically applied lip plumpers make your lips bigger?

A. Big, soft and pouty lips are all the rage these days. Who can deny that a large set of full, plump lips is one of the ultimate symbols of femininity? While celebrities seem blessed with full lips, most of us are not.
So, can lip plumpers really make our thin lips fuller - and if so, how do they work?
The modern day lip plumper will generally work in several ways:
  1. Some lip plumpers will physically irritate the outer layer of the skin on the lip.

    These products are usually found over the counter and contain additives like cinnamon, peppermint, wintergreen or menthol. The ingredients cause the lip's blood vessels to swell a bit, which causes an inflammatory reaction. The end result is that the lips look fuller.
  2. Some lip plumpers contain moisture boosters.

    These types of plumpers work by adding nutrients or proteins to the lip surface, expanding the tissues temporarily. These nutrients can stimulate elastin and collagen production, but the products must be used for several weeks before results may be visible.

    Some lip plumpers add dehydrated hyaleronic acid microsheres or marine microspheres that are instantly absorbed by the lips. These microspheres expand and hold on to the moisture they have collected creating a temporary "swelling" of the lips.

SkinMedica's TNS LipPlump System

At UW Health Jeune Skin Care, we offer SkinMedica's TNS LipPlump System. It is the first and only clinically proven two-step lip treatment that not only works to decrease the look of fine lines and improve contour around the lips, but also plump and enrich natural color.
TNS Lip Plump System is a multi-functional lip treatment with the strength of NouriCel-MD, a proprietary mix of human growth factors, which improves lip texture, minimizes fine lines and increases lip volume over time. It contains hyaleronic and marine filling spheres to instantly hydrate and plump while a natural protein stimulates collagen for firmer, smoother, better defined lips. Also, niacin has been added to enhance blood flow within the lips, so you are left with perfectly plush, pink lips.
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