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Initial Consultation
New patients at UW Health Transformations on the far west side of Madison, Wisconsin, will begin their Transformations experience with an initial consultation. This visit allows patients to meet one of our physicians in a comfortable, discrete setting. Request a Consultation
  • Cosmetic Procedures: Your initial consultation is free, unless deemed medically necessary. If your consult is medically necessary, then your consult is not free and will be billed to your insurance. You will be responsible for any co-pays or deductibles that apply. We recommend you use your consultation as an opportunity to discuss your desired procedure(s) with one of our physicians. At this time, we will also discuss the cost of various procedures and services. If you wish to consult with more than one physician for the same cosmetic procedure, you will be expected to pay $100 for each additional consultation at the time you receive the service.
  • Reconstructive Procedures: The consultation charge will be billed to your insurer. As required by law, you will be responsible for any balance due after insurance pays.

Learn more: Paying for Cosmetic Services: Frequently Asked Questions


At the initial consultation, patients and our cosmetic and plastic surgery physicians discuss the following initial topics:

  • Expectations for cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery or related procedures
  • Types of surgeries and procedures offered
  • Which surgery or procedure is most appropriate for the individual
If necessary, patients will also schedule their next appointment at the initial consultation. This may be a pre-operative evaluation if the patient is having surgery. If the patient is choosing a non-invasive procedure, our physicians or aesthetician will either schedule another visit or treat patients the same day, depending on the procedure.
Pre-Operative Evaluation
For patients who choose surgery as part of their cosmetic experience, a pre-operative evaluation must be done to gather medical history and physical information. During this visit, patients will continue to discuss their desired results and will have the opportunity to ask any questions about their future surgery.
It is important for patients to bring appropriate medical records and medical history information to both this visit and the initial consultation. Patients should also be prepared to discuss medication and health history, as well as any current conditions, medications or lifestyle changes.
Surgery at Transformations
The surgical process at UW Health Transformations is different for every procedure, and can be further individualized depending on the patient. Your physician will walk you through the surgical process during an initial consultation and a pre-operative evaluation. Learn more about our variety of surgical procedures:
Transformations Surgery Center, Inc.
Located on the far west side of Madison in Middleton, Wisconsin, Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., is an exceptional facility that provides exceptional patient care for patients undergoing cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. It provides patients with the opportunity to undergo surgical transformation with the care and privacy they deserve.

Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., is a joint venture of UW Health and UnityPoint Health-Meriter, with both owners setting high standards for patient care and safety in Wisconsin’s greater Madison area. 
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