Employee Profiles: Linda, Sleep Technician Team Leader

Linda is a Sleep Technician Team Leader who works for UW Medical Foundation.


Employee Profiles: Linda Jelinik, Sleep Technician Team LeaderLinda is a Team Leader for the sleep technicians at Wisconsin Sleep. She works with a staff of 22 highly qualified and excellent sleep technicians. She finds her position to be challenging and rewarding.


Linda was a sleep technician and supervisor with the UW Sleep Disorders Center for more than 11 years, and that knowledge has been very helpful with the start of their new facility. There are four other sleep technicians who work with her during the day. Three of them rotate to nights once every four weeks as lead technicians for the opportunity to have the lead role once every other week or so, depending on the scheduling of staff.


As a team leader, she arrives early in the morning to assess how the evening has gone, and is available to her staff at night for questions and advice. She is also responsible for scheduling the team shifts and vacations. Linda also has the opportunity to work with UW Health physicians, who have been very helpful to the team.

She feels her greatest contribution to UW Medical Foundation is that she tries very hard to be a "team player" and be as helpful as she can when asked questions from various people throughout the facility.


The most rewarding experience Linda has had so far was in a one-on-one dialogue with parents whose child was undergoing a sleep study. Linda spent considerable time with the parents and answered a myriad of questions. The parent was extremely grateful for the thoughtful and thorough explanation that Linda provided.

Linda went to college to become an ENDT (electroneurodiagnostic technician). She has always been intrigued by watching brain waves and determining the stages of sleep, in addition to their patient's breathing and heart rhythms. Linda says that after all of these years of working in sleep, it continues to be challenging and rewarding.

Linda says it is a pleasure to work with her team, and that they have come a long way together. She is excited about what is yet to come and looks forward to continue working with the team.