Employee Profiles: Susan Covey, Medical Management Assistant

Susan Covey is a Medical Management Assistant who works for UW Medical Foundation.


Susan Covey, Medical Management AssistantI am currently working in the Medical Management Department as a Medical Management Assistant.
Our department's responsibilities include working with/on behalf of Unity Health Insurance to provide medical management to their members.


The department has the responsibility to review requests for services that require prior authorization for Unity's members as well as providing complex case management for Unity members who have complicated medical needs. The assistant works closely with the nurse case managers, providing support for the processing of requests received for prior authorization of services for Unity's members, enabling our department to meet NCQA requirements regarding the timeliness for completion and turn around of cases.

As employees we have the support of a large organization, yet UW Medical Foundation has its presence in many small towns surrounding Madison. UW Medical Foundation provides the support needed to do our jobs efficiently and effectively, staying cutting-edge with the fast-paced changes in electronic technology. All of the staff work together striving to make it an enjoyable place to work. The department has one of the best team attitudes I have worked with throughout my many careers.


We are compensated fairly, have excellent employee benefits, have access to an unending resource network to support our roles, and have access to all of UW Medical Foundation's operational information via their electronic media source, U-Connect, which helps us keep up-to-date and on top of the organization's operations.