Employee Profiles: Sue Wallner, Operating Room Registered Nurse

Sue is an operating room registered nurse employed by the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation: 
Sue Wallner, Nurse, UW Medical Foundation"My role as the OR nurse is to make sure all pre-operation orders are done, all reports are back, to answer any family questions and relay any concerns the patient may have forgotten to the surgeon before transporting the patient to the operating room.
"Once in the OR, I assist with putting the patient under, having necessary equipment ready and sterile supplies opened. I position the patient appropriate to the procedure and prep the site. Once the surgery is complete, I assist in transporting the patient to the recovery room where I relay information about the surgery to the recovery nurse.

"The most rewarding part of my position is having great communication with all the staff and the surgeon so that all procedures are accomplished safely and efficiently. I love the challenge of the difficult or unexpected procedures that can develop, which enables me to think quickly, function efficiently under pressure and rely on my years of experience.
"Also, when a surgeon or another staff member says, 'Thanks for all your help, today,' that to me is job satisfaction - when I feel I made a difference towards a successful surgery for the patient."