Employee Profiles: Munroe Whitlock, AODA Counselor

Munroe is an alcohol and other drug abuse counselor employed by the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation: 
Munroe Whitlock, AODA Counselor, UW Medical Foundation"As an AODA Counselor, I am responsible for having information about alcohol and drug use. It is my duty to develop a therapeutic relationship with people that choose to seek services at Gateway Recovery.
"In this relationship I help this person see the problems they are having due to their substance use and help them develop a plan that will eliminate and/or reduce those problems. My role is a therapist, educator and motivator. I help people learn to cope with change and the difficulties related to change. I teach about addiction, recovery and the mental and emotional response people have to both. I encourage people to develop the courage it takes to make change.

"Some of the greatest rewards I have experienced from my position are seeing people struggle through and make changes. Other rewards are hearing from families about the differences these people made with their lives and in their relationships with family members. The biggest reward is seeing the determination in the eyes of these people after they get an understanding of how making change works and the joy on their faces after they have made even the smallest change."