Working at UW Hospitals and Clinics - Retirement and Savings

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Wisconsin Retirement Plan


All new full-time and part-time UW Hospitals and Clinics employees appointed to work 58 percent or more are enrolled in the Wisconsin Retirement System on their first day of work. Employees hired prior to July 1, 2011 appointed to work 50 percent or more remain eligible for the Wisconsin Retirement System. Based on equal contributions from both UW Hospitals and Clinics and the employee, this robust defined contribution retirement plan contributes 13.2 percent of an employee’s annual income (percentage subject to change annually).


Supplemental Retirement Plans


UW Hospitals and Clinics employees who desire to save more for their retirement can chose to contribute pre-tax earnings to tax-deferred 403(b) and 457 retirement plans.


College Savings Plan


UW Hospitals and Clinics employees have the option to enroll in EdVest, the state-sponsored Section 529 college savings program. There are a variety of market-based investment options. Employees can select a portfolio based on their personal risk tolerance or the length of time until their children start college.