Employee Profiles: Denise

Denise is a Nurse Clinician who has been with UW Hospitals and Clinics since October 1984.
How would you describe what you do at UW Hospitals and Clinics?
As a Nurse Clinician in a very busy multi-specialty surgical clinic, I am responsible for complex patient issues, suture removal, wound care, patient education, and I coordinate diagnostic tests and follow up appointments. I also write and edit the Health Facts for You patient education materials. I am a Denise Buenzli, Nurse Clinician, UW Hospital and ClinicsResource in Skin Care Nurse (RISC) and see a variety of patients with wound care needs. Because of my seniority, I am responsible for staff education get the privilege of precepting many new graduate nurses. I am also often the charge nurse and “go to” person in the clinic. Every day is different, and that's why I love my job!

Why UW Hospitals and Clinics?
I work here because of all the opportunities UW Hospitals and Clinics has given me to provide the kind of patient care I value. With UW Hospitals and Clinics being a teaching institution, it has enabled me to stay up-to-date on the best methods to deliver care. UW Hospitals and Clinics fosters education for patients and staff, and I feel this is the best way to ensure we are delivering the safest care. Over the years, I have learned so much from my peers, physicians, advanced practice nurses and my patients. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to educate my patients. This is not only my favorite part of my job, but I feel providing patient education helps patients have the best end result.
I also value the opportunities I have had to move around the hospital in various positions that included: float, inpatient and outpatient care as my family needs changed. As a mother of four, I also found flexibility in working reduced hours in the float pool when my children were young. This opportunity ended up also being very valuable for my professional growth as I learned many new and exciting things as I was able to float from unit to another. I found skills I did not know I had. I have had wonderful mentors here, and am glad I can now return the favor to nurses new to the nursing profession.
What do you like best about UW Hospitals and Clinics?
The thing I like best about UW Hospitals and Clinics is that there are so many opportunities here. Every employee is able to participate in a variety of educational opportunities. I especially enjoy the clinical educational opportunities offered to us. These help UW Hospitals and Clinics' patient care team always be on the cutting edge and ensure we are prepared to deliver exceptional patient care.

What is your proudest moment?
Nothing makes me more proud than when I can see a direct result of my care given. It pleases me when I see a complicated wound on its way to healing and the patient tells me they followed the care plan we developed together.