Employee Profiles: Angela

Angela is a Certified Nursing Assistant who has been with UW Hospitals and Clinics since August 2001.
At Work I…
… am a part of a team of staff members who provide holistic care to every patient that comes into our facility.

Angela, Certified Nursing Assistant, UW Hospital and ClinicsWhy UW Hospitals and Clinics?
I like what the UW stands for. We provide safe, compassionate, high-quality care while providing outreach services to the community. Our mission statement gives me goose bumps. We are healers and teachers, committed to providing the best patient care experience and outcomes while advancing knowledge for all. I like knowing that I get to help heal and teach many patients every day.

What do you like best?
The best part of working at UW Hospitals and Clinics is the environment. As our staff strives for excellence and innovation, you can feel the hope in the air. Watching our patients with smiles on their faces is all the reward we need to give nothing but our best.

What is your proudest moment?
I just love being able to tell people I work at UW Hospitals and Clinics – I'm so proud to work among the best.