Employee Profiles: Amy

Amy is a Senior Medical Assistant who has been with UW Hospitals and Clinics since November 1993.
How would you describe what you do at UW Hospitals and Clinics?
My job as a Medical Assistant Senior consists of performing patient care, and clerical and technical functions in a clinical setting. It also involves being a role model and mentor to other medical Amy, Senior Medical Assistant, UW Hospital and Clinicsassistants. I greatly enjoy what I do it would recommend the profession to anyone looking to make a difference in people's lives.

Why UW Hospitals and Clinics?
UW Hospitals and Clinics is the organization I choose to work at because of their reputation for excellence in patient care. I also enjoy working for an organization as large as UW Hospitals and Clinics because it has provided me with many opportunities to grow and work in different specialties.

How does UW Hospitals and Clinics support you?
UW Hospitals and Clinics supports me by providing my family and me with great benefits. Low-cost health insurance, an excellent retirement plan and an abundance of vacation, holidays and sick time really make me feel valued as an employee. UW Hospitals and Clinics has also supported my growth and development with its excellent tuition reimbursement program. Over the years, they've also reimbursed my continuing education (CEU) credits to maintain the health care certifications I obtain.

How do you balance your life at work and life at home?
I balance my work life and home life by making quality time for each of them. My family is my number one priority. When my children were young, I used the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account UW Hospitals and Clinics offers to make sure I could afford excellent child care. This allowed me to have a peace of mind while at work, and I felt like I was able to give 100 percent to my job.