Employee Profiles: Amy

Amy is an Information Assistant who has been with UW Hospitals and Clinics since July 1996.
How would you describe what you do at UW Hospitals and Clinics?
The best way to describe what I do is to say I'm a liaison between Medical Records and the clinics. I help those providing direct patient care by making sure the patients' charts gets to the provider or Amy, Information Assistant, UW Hospital and Clinicsnurse. I also do errands for the clinic and whatever is needed to make sure the day runs smooth and patients can be seen on-time in the clinic.

Why UW Hospitals and Clinics?
The hospital offers a wide variety of job opportunities and I really believe that in my role, I can make an impact in patient care even though I work in indirect patient care. The organization's mission speaks for itself. I feel motivated to work here. There are also many opportunities for more education and additional training to help me grow along the way. Lastly, UW Hospitals and Clinics' benefit package is excellent.

What is most exciting project you've worked on?
I really can't think of one project. Every day is a project in itself. Each day's end results are what make working here so rewarding.

Talk about the culture at UW Hospitals and Clinics
What's great about UW Hospitals and Clinics is how different everyone is in their own special way, but together we join diverse talents, personal beliefs, attitudes, experiences and values to achieve one goal, to which is give the best patient care possible.