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UW Carbone Cancer Center Certified to Begin Offering CAR T-cell Treatment for Adult Lymphoma

The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center offers a team approach to caring for patients with lymphomas.
Patients are seen by our team of hematologic oncologists, radiation oncologists and our highly skilled supportive care team of hematologic nurses, health psychologists, social workers and nutritionists.  
Unfortunately, lymphomas are among the most frequently misdiagnosed cancers. However, the UWCCC has a team of pathologists who specialize in hematologic diseases and can accurately diagnose lymphomas, the type and grade of the disease.
In addition, our specialists meet weekly to discuss patient cases to determine the best available treatment options for lymphoma patients.
The Carbone Cancer Center is a leader in lymphoma research. As a result, lymphoma patients may also benefit from clinical trials that offer patients the ability to get new agents or combinations of new agents that might not be available at other centers. 
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