Pediatric Feeding Intervention Clinic

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About the clinic

The Pediatric Feeding Intervention Clinic is a team-based clinic that includes a pediatric gastroenterologist, speech-language pathologist specializing in feeding and swallowing, and a clinical nutritionist. The clinic is rehabilitation-focused, providing ongoing care for children with feeding and swallowing issues whose eating and drinking by mouth has declined or is suboptimal.

The clinic is also a resource for children whose oral intake has increased but who require further medical management to help them wean from or decrease dependence on their nasogastric tube or gastric tube. This team is designed to develop a plan to address any underlying gastrointestinal issues and create a feeding plan that meets each child’s nutritional and growth needs.

The team’s speech language pathologist evaluates oral motor skills and swallowing safety and assists with diet advancement if appropriate.

After an initial visit with the team, follow-up visits may be scheduled as necessary. These are usually spaced a few months apart so the team can track your child's progress.

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