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Diabetes care at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin brings together experts to treat every aspect of your condition.


The stories below were submitted by people who are living with diabetes and have developed relationships with the UW Health Diabetes Management program.


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UW Health Diabetes Management: Kevin's story 

Kevin's Story


Badger Bowl proprietor Kevin Carey changes his diet and exercise habits after being diagnosed with diabetes, and now he's back on the lanes.


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UW Health Diabetes Management: Jami's Story 

Jami's Story


Jami used her diabetes diagnosis to change her life for the better, and took to the pages of uwhealth.org to share the secrets of her success with fellow diabetics.


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UW Health Diabetes Management: Becky 

Becky's Story


Normal blood glucose levels are between 70 and 99. In 2010 Becky discovered hers was 274. Initially fearful, Becky has used her diagnosis to set clear and healthy life goals.


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UW Health Diabetes Management: The Bauernhuber family 

The Bauernhuber's Story


The Bauernhuber's diabetes experience involves both the human and canine realms. Son Ashton was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a mere 10 months after their dog Willis.


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