Diabetes Self-Management Training

We're here to help. Are you getting all the appropriate education you need to manage your diabetes? UW Health's trained professionals cover the following areas in our Diabetes Self-Management Training:
  • What is diabetes?
  • How to manage low blood sugars
  • What are the chronic complications of diabetes and how do you prevent them?
  • What options are available to you for treatment of your diabetes?
  • How to set goals for managing your diabetes
  • What medications are used to treat diabetes?
  • How to test your blood sugar and what the results mean
  • What type of meal planning is best for you?
  • How physical activity can help you and how to work it into your day
  • What should you be doing if you are planning a pregnancy?
  • Dealing with diabetes every day is challenging... ideas to help you cope
Individual visits for patients and group classes and office visits:
Call (608) 287-2770 for these locations:
  • 1 S. Park (1 S. Park St.)
  • 20 S. Park (20 S. Park St.)
  • Cross Plains Clinic (2418 Brewery Rd.)
  • DeForest/Windsor (4131 Meridan Dr, Windsor)
  • East Towne (4122 East Towne Blvd.)
  • Odana Atrium (5618 Odana Rd.)
  • Oregon (137 S. Main St.)
  • Stoughton (1001 Nygaard St.)
  • Sun Prairie (2651 Windsor St.)
  • West Towne (7102 Mineral Point Rd.)
  • Yahara (1050 E. Broadway, Monona)
Call (608) 263-7741 for these locations:
  • West Clinic (451 Junction Rd.)
  • East Clinic (5249 E. Terrace Dr.)