Talk About the Need for a Living Liver Donor

Most people who need a liver donation struggle with the idea of asking someone to be their donor. It's important to remember that people can't help if they don't understand the situation. These tools have helped many other people find a living donor.


Who do you know?


Use the image below to help you create a list of all the people with whom you can share the story:


To help find a living donor, think about the people with whom you can share the story.

Talk About It


Share the latest facts about the patient's situation and be very clear about what they are experiencing.


Start the Conversation


Here are some suggestions for the patient to use to start this conversation, which can be easily changed for use by a living liver donor champion:


"I need to talk to you about something very personal."


"My liver is failing, and my doctor told me I need a transplant as soon as possible."


"The transplant team told me I could be waiting several years for a deceased donor liver."


Introduce Living Donation


"My doctor said my best option is to find someone who is willing to donate a portion of their liver."


"The transplant team at UW Health are among the nation's experts at living liver donation surgery and patient care."


"They have living donation nurse coordinators who can answer questions."


Ask Them to Consider Donation


"Asking for a liver donation is really difficult. I never thought I would be coming to you with this."


"I don't know if living donation is something you would consider, but here's a card that will tell you how you can learn more."


"This may not be an option for you but thank you for learning more about it."


"Whatever your decision, I won't be offended or hurt. I value our relationship and no matter what that will never change."