Living Donor Advocate

The UW Health Transplant Program recognizes that prospective living organ donors will have many questions about the donation process and what they should expect as they consider this important decision.


The entire transplant team works very closely with patients on an ongoing basis to provide support, discuss important clinical information and address any questions patients may have.


The Living Donor Advocate


On the day of a patient's donor evaluation in the transplant clinic, the patient will meet with a donor social worker, who is also the living donor advocate (LDA). The Living Donor Advocate is an independent advocate who is not involved in the care of transplant recipients on a routine basis. The advocate's role is to serve as a donor's representative:

  • To discuss any questions and concerns donors may have.
  • To ensure that the donors' patient rights are protected, including the right to be free of any feelings of family pressure, undue emotional responsibility, need for recognition or reasons of financial gain.

On Behalf of the Donor


The Living Donor Advocate can communicate on the donor's behalf with the medical team and/or obtain additional information to ensure that a donor's decision to donate is informed and free from coercion.


UW Health's donor social worker and living donor advocate, is available to discuss any questions, concerns or issues that arise at any time throughout the donor's experience.