Asking Someone to be a Living Donor: Using Social Media

Social media is a fast and easy way to tell people that someone needs a living donor, and lets your friends share that fact with other people outside your immediate social circle.


Create a Facebook Page - Dos and Don'ts


If you don’t have an existing page, or wish to keep that private, start by creating a new Facebook page (or ask your living donor champion to do this). Following are five tips for what to keep in mind when you're creating the post. Recent research has proven that the first three are important things to do when using Facebook to find a living donor:

  1. Share the patient’s personal information, including age, location, photograph, and the cause of their kidney disease. Help people understand how much they want to be healthy, and that a living donor will save their life. Keep it short.
  2. Include the way they can take the next step cy including this URL:
  3. To expand how many people will see the posts, ask others to share it on their own page, and to “Like” your posts.
  4. Do not include your personal contact information, or the names/contact information of the transplant team.
  5. Avoid giving any impression that you are asking for money, and/or share any fundraising information.

Sample Facebook post to promote the need for living kidney donation

Sample Facebook Post


Below is a sample post. You would adapt the language if being posted by a living donor champion.

Friends, I am reaching out to you all with the hope that you can help me share this news far and wide. I am ____ years old, and live in [city, state]. I just learned that I need a kidney transplant, and that a living donor is my best chance for survival. As you may know, I have [disease and details about how it has changed your life.] I want to be healthy again! I want to enjoy [details here] I look forward to the day that I’m not tired, unwell and can live my life to the fullest. A kidney from a living donor can save my life. If you would consider being my living donor, please complete the form at Donation costs are covered by my insurance, and the information you share will be kept confidential with the transplant team. Please Like and Share this post on your own page, then many more people can hear my story. Thank you my friends!