Transplant: Living organ donation at UW Health

Living organ donation is the ultimate act of giving. The UW Health Transplant Program serves living kidney donors and living liver donors

Living organ donation

Steps for getting started

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The gift of hope and inspiration

Living donors Taylor and Natasha shared what inspired them to hike Mount Kilimanjaro.
Dr. Aji Djamali, a transplant nephrologist, was always fascinated by the idea one person's selfless gift could change another person's life. After meeting John, he knew it was time to realize his goal of becoming a living donor.
The two women standing on either side of a man, smiling. The woman on the left donated her liver, and on the right donated her kidney.
Double recipientMike has two organ donor heroes to thank for saving his life
Mike Wisdom is one of the few people in the world who has not just one, but two, organ donor heroes to thank for saving his life.
Woman smiling outdoors with sunglasses and a shirt that says, "Donate Life."
Double donorAfter her sister is killed by a drunk driver, Judith becomes a double donor
Judith Phillips’ first experience with the importance of organ donation came at one of the worst times in her life—when her sister was hit by a drunk driver and had burns on more than 98% of her body.
Man in yellow jacket, smiling inside of cow barn.
Double donorAfter donating liver to cousin, Brian decides to donate kidney as well
Brian Forrest had been thinking a lot about his 62-year-old cousin Richard Gillette, who was suffering from end-stage liver disease.
Woman wearing glass and smiling.
Double donorTetra donates part of her liver after donating kidney
When Tetra Haile’s brother-in-law experienced kidney failure, she didn’t hesitate: After undergoing extensive testing at the UW Health Transplant Center, she donated one of her kidneys to him in September 2020.
Joy Schumacher portrait
Double donorHow Joy saved two lives through her donation
Joy Schumacher will give everything she has to help other people. And she means that quite literally—in order to save two people’s lives, she became one of the handful of living donors in the world to donate both her kidney and a portion of her liver.