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Transplant: Living organ donation at UW Health

Living organ donation is the ultimate act of giving. The UW Health Transplant Program serves living kidney donors and living liver donors

Living organ donation

Steps for getting started

To learn more, request information and/or to complete a living donor screen form, please select a link below.

Living Donor Ceremony

Scenes from the Living Donor Ceremony held in April 2023 to honor living donors.

A transplant doctor's own living donor story

Dr. Aji Djamali, a transplant nephrologist, was always fascinated by the idea one person's selfless gift could change another person's life. After meeting John, he knew it was time to realize his goal of becoming a living donor.
Joy Schumacher portrait
A double donation
Joy's gift

Joy will give everything she has to help other people. And she really means that. She became one of a handful of living donors in the U.S. to donate both her kidney and a portion of her liver.