Level I Trauma Care: A Regional Resource for Saving Lives

Based in Madison, UW Health is the only healthcare system in Wisconsin that offers Level I Trauma Care for adults and children and a Burn and Wound Center, as verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACS). For patients with complex and often life-threatening injuries, the specialists and resources involved provide comprehensive care from the time of injury through discharge and rehabilitation.

What is Level I Trauma Care?

What is
Level I Trauma Care?

University Hospital has repeatedly earned Level I trauma center status for adult patients since 1998.

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Level I Trauma Care for Adults

Level I Trauma Care
For Adults

If you or a loved one is critically injured, no facility can offer a higher level of trauma care than a verified Level I center.

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Level I Trauma Care For Children

Level I Trauma Care
For Children

A regional resource providing the highest level of care for injured children.

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Burn Center distraction machine

Burn and Wound Center


University Hospital holds the distinction of being verified by the American College of Surgeons for both adult and pediatric burn and wound care. As a regional center, we care for patients from Wisconsin and beyond.


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Stop the Bleed, Save a Life

Stop the Bleed - Save a Life


Stop the Bleed is 2-hour, hands-on instruction developed for a non-medical audience to address the needs of the immediate responder or bystander to control life-threatening bleeding until help arrives.


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Emergency Education Center training

Training for Pre-Hospital Partners


Our Emergency Education Center (EEC) provides training for health professionals and volunteers who partner with us and are a critical link in the chain of patient care.


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Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Resources


From learning how to prevent falling and related injuries, how to control bleeding until medical help arrives, to teaching you how to correctly install your child's car seat or help grandparents childproof their homes before the little ones come to visit, UW Health provides resources and partners with many community organizations to help prevent injuries.


Adult Injury Prevention | Bleeding Control 

Kids' Safety | Safe Kids Madison Area Coalition



Referring a Patient

Contact The Access Center


Arranging Emergency Transport

Critical Care Transport




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