Adult Injury Prevention Program

The UW Health Level I Adult Trauma Center maintains an adult injury prevention program, as required by the American College of Surgeons. Our prevention efforts focus on understanding how people are injured and how to prevent those injuries.


Injuries, Incidence and Data


We monitor and analyze the incidence of injuries and their causes. We work to reduce injuries - and death from injuries - by understanding and addressing the reasons that they occur. Injuries and deaths caused by falls and motor vehicles continue to be leading causes of death across most age groups across the U.S. and result in substantial hospitalizations in Level I Trauma Centers.


Injury and Violence Prevention Partners and Resources


We have strong relationships with local, state and national injury and violence prevention experts, researchers and data analysts. We work together to understand the origins of intentional and unintentional injuries so we can identify, promote and support evidence-based and best practices to reduce risk and injury. We also work with policy makers and experts to advocate for evidence-based policy improvements that support effective and sustainable prevention practices.


Some of our external partners include:

  • Dane County Government Agencies and Departments
  • Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
  • Public Health Madison and Dane County
  • Rape Crisis Center of Dane County
  • Safe Communities Madison - Dane County
  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services
  • Wisconsin Institute on Health Aging

The Adult Trauma Injury and Violence Prevention Program actively participates in numerous local and state Task Forces and Commissions, including:

  • Dane County Falls Task Force
  • Dane County Traffic Safety Commission
  • Dane County Overdose Fatality Review Committee of the Department of Public Health Madison/Dane County
  • South Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council
  • Wisconsin Violence and Injury Prevention Partnership of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services
  • Zero Suicide Community Collaboration of Safe Communities of Dane County

Together, we work to find solutions, set priorities, determine strategies and collaborate to make a difference for people and their communities.