UW Hospital and Clinics Laboratory Services Testing Turnaround


To obtain laboratory policies and test procedures, contact Client Services at (608) 263-7060.



Satellite Labs Testing Menu (pdf)

Turnaround times for Stat and routine testing are provided in the Test Directory entries. Stated turnaround times indicate the number of minutes, hours, days or weeks between the time a specimen is received in the laboratory in which it will be tested and the time a result is released.


Testing may be delayed for a variety of reasons that include: 

  1. Specimens collected at a UWHC Satellite Lab location must be transported to the Core laboratory for testing or processing if the testing will not be performed at the satellite location. See Satellite Labs Testing Menu (pdf) for current availability.
  2. Equipment failure at testing lab requires transport of specimens routinely done on site to an alternate laboratory. 
  3. Failure to include necessary patient identification information on the specimen or the requisition. Refer to UWHC Clinical Laboratories Specimen Acceptance Policy (5.06) that specifies requirements for labeling laboratory specimens and request forms with respect to patient identification. 
  4. Improper specimen container submitted. Refer to UWHC Clinical Laboratories Specimen Rejection Policy (5.07) that describes the laboratory procedure for rejecting specimens.
  5. Failure to mark request with STAT.