Anatomic Pathology Services and Autopsy Services

Anatomic Pathology Services
Surgical Pathology

The UW Health Surgical Pathology Laboratory receives tissue specimens from the operating rooms and clinics for consultation and diagnosis. Gross and microscopic examination, frozen section and a variety of staining techniques are used in the diagnostic process. The laboratory also performs examinations of materials referred from other health service providers for initial diagnosis or consultation.
Services Provided
  • Routine Histopathology 
  • Frozen Sections 
  • Immunofluorescence 
  • Electron Microscopy 
  • Renal Pathology

Hours of Operation

Normal laboratory hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30am-5pm. Specimens too large to fit in the pneumatic tube and all specimens submitted after hours should be should be delivered to C7/356. Small specimens submitted outside of the inpatient OR should be tubed to #501. For additional information, call (608) 263-8443.


Outside normal hours, the Surgical Pathology resident-on-call should be contacted. The call list is available in the OR call schedule book, the UW Health message center, or online at the Web Paging link.


The Clinical Laboratory Test Directory provides detailed instructions for services offered. Please contact Surgical Pathology, (608) 263-8443, and ask to speak to a pathologist or page the on-call Surgical Pathology Resident if you are unsure of any specimen handling requirements. 

Autopsy Services


Autopsy Pathology is provided for UW Health patients and as an outreach program through the UW Department of Pathology.

Additional Information

  • Contact: (608) 890-7075
  • Business hours: Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm
  • Outside business hours: The Autopsy Pathology resident on-call should be contacted through UW Health paging services.

Autopsy Consultation


The University of Wisconsin Pathology Department offers Autopsy Consultation services. For information, contact the autopsy secretary at (608) 890-7075, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm.