Microbiology | Giardia/Cryptosporidium Ag

UWHC Lab Test Details
Test NameGiardia/Cryptosporidium Ag
Test Code(s)GICR
CPT Code(s)87329 and 87328
MethodologyEnzyme Immunoassay
Clinical Information

This test simultaneously detects and differentiates Giardia cyst antigen and Cryptosporidium oocyst antigen in stool samples when giaridasis and/or cryptosporidiosis are suspected.

Testing SiteUniversity Hospital
Days PerformedMon-Fri, dayshift.
In-Lab Turnaround Time1 - 3 days.
Stat In-Lab Turnaround TimeNot available stat.
Collection Requirements
Collection Container
Collection ContainerPara-Pak® Ova & Parasite (O & P) kit (pink and gray caps)
Also AcceptableECOFIX® kit, MF (Merthiolate Formalin) kit, Para-Pak® Culture & Sensitivity (C & S) kit (orange cap), SAF (Sodium Acetate-Acetic Acid Formalin) kit, Sterile screw cap container
Collection Instructions

Instructions for the collection of stool:

  1. Collect specimen from a clean area, avoiding contmination from water or urine.
  2. For specimens obtained by enema, only saline cathartics are acceptable.
  3. Use spoon built into lid of Para Pak Ova and Parsite (O&P) vial (available from CS) to transfer small amounts of stool into each vial until the liquid  rises to the red "fill line".  It is preferred to receive both the gray and pink vials for testing but if the quantity is not sufficient for both vials, the pink vial only can be sent.  Liquid stool may be poured into the transport vial.  It is important to sample blood, slimy, or watery areas of the stool.  If stool is formed (hard), obtain a sample from the middle.
  4. Avoid contaminating the outside of the specimen container.
  5. Replace the proper cover on each vial and twist firmy shut.
  6. Affix label to specimen container according to Clinical Laboratory Policy 1502.5.06, Acceptance Policy for Specimen Identification.
  7. Vigorously shake each vial until fluid and stool are mixed, then return the vials to the plastic transfer bag.



Collection Volume1 mL
Pediatric Collection Volume1 mL
Specimen Processing Requirements
Stability Ambient

Unpreserved: Not acceptable

Para-Pak® C&S, Para-Pak® O&P, SAF, MF: 2 months

Stability Refrigerated

Unpreserved: 72 hours

Para-Pak® C&S: 1 week

Para-Pak® O&P, SAF, MF: 2 months

Stability Frozen

Unpreserved: 90 days

Para-Pak® C&S: 1 week

Para-Pak® O&P, SAF, MF: Not acceptable

Sample AnalyzedStool
Testing Volume0.1 mL
Pediatric Testing Volume0.1 mL
Specimen Transport

Transport specimen to the laboratory.

Unacceptable Criteria

Specimens received on patients hospitalized more than 3 days are not acceptable.


Frozen Para-Pak® O&P, SAF (Sodium Acetate-Acetic Acid Formalin), or MF (Merthiolate Formalin) specimens


Stool specimens that have been concentrated or treated with PVA fixatives are not suitable for use with this test.


LIMIT: One specimen every 7 days.

Expected Results


Additional Information

Test of cure specimens should not be submitted.


Because these agents do not cause hospital acquired infection, specimens on patients who have been hospitalized greater than 3 days will require approval of the Director of Microbiology or Pathology Resident.


Optimal results are obtained with specimens that are less than 72 hours old.