Cheryl Rawlings' Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Cheryl Rawlings underwent total knee replacement surgery, performed by Dr. Matthew Squire. Here's her story.


Dr. Matthew Squire performed my total knee replacement surgery 3 years ago.


Prior to that, I'd had an ACL-deficient knee for 29 years, and it had become too painful. I carefully researched the surgical options and surgeons.


Dr. Squire did an amazing job. He made sure I was prepared for surgery, and for the tough recovery time.


The physical therapy was grueling, but I made steady progress, getting full range of motion in about 6 weeks. Within 3 months I was walking regularly. A couple months later I was horseback riding, biking and hiking. The following winter I was back cross-country skiing.


It has been 3 years since my surgery, and my knee still feels great. I am very grateful to Dr. Squire and his team for enabling me to return to my favorite activities