Knee Rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation Guidelines

Total Knee Replacement (pdf)

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UW Health Orthopedics in Madison, Wisconsin, provides comprehensive care for patients with knee pain, ranging from nagging pain that may benefit from non-surgical rehabilitation to chronic, debilitating pain caused by knee arthritis that can be treated with total knee replacement surgery.


Knee Rehabilitation


Physical therapists from the UW Health Rehabilitation program provide support for knee replacement surgery patients before and after surgery.


Your rehabilitation program is an important component of your complete recovery from knee replacement surgery and plays an integral role in returning your to full health and movement. Your physical therapist will work with you to prepare you for surgery and design a rehabilitation program that starts immediately after your surgery, including exercises to strengthen your knee, recommendations for movement and pain control.


Your Recovery after Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Your rehabilitation will begin the day after your surgery.
  • It's a good idea to have a friend or family member attend one therapy session with you, so they can see how you walk and the exercises you are doing.
  • To prevent falls, use caution when getting up after eating, lying down and resting.

Rehabilitation Exercises