Your Visit to the Nephrology Clinic

At UW Health, we want to help make your upcoming visit a great care experience. Here are some ideas to help prepare for your visit.

If you are a new patient to UW Health, please see Welcome to UW Health.


Before My Visit


What to bring:

  • A list of questions and concerns. Write down your most important questions. To help prepare your list, go to the Question Builder Tool created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
  • Any home-monitoring information (for example, blood pressure or blood sugar readings).
  • Your medicine bottles and containers or list of all current medicines - prescription medicines, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, herbal/naturopathic remedies, and vitamins/supplements.
  • A pen and paper to take notes.
  • A family member or close friend (primary support) if you wish.

Also consider:

  • If you need directions, visit our Clinics and Maps page.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your scheduled visit to check-in and allow nursing staff to gather your health information.
  • Think about your symptoms - how you've been feeling and any recent changes you have noticed. Your doctor/nurse practitioner (NP)/physician assistant (PA) will ask you questions about your symptoms, so take a minute to think about how you will describe this information to your care team. 

During My Visit

  • Ask questions and be involved in your care. 
  • Provide your questions and concerns to your care team and doctor right away.
  • If you're being treated by any other doctors, please tell your care team. This will help them better coordinate your care.
  • Ask questions, if you don't understand.

After My Visit

  • Follow the plan that you and your doctor agreed upon.
  • If you scheduled a follow-up visit with your doctor/nurse practitioner (NP)/physician assistant (PA) or a referral visit to another doctor, put these dates on your calendar right away.
  • Call or send a MyChart message if you are unclear about any of the instructions or think of more questions to ask.