Meet Geraldine Reed

New Orleans' Geraldine Reed was diagnosed with kidney disease just before Hurricane Katrina devastated her hometown. Her son had moved to Madison in 1972 to pursue his Master's degree, so Geraldine came north and now lives with her daughter, who referred her to UW Health to continue her care.


Early in her treatment, nephrologist Alexander S. Yevzlin told Geraldine she would soon need to undergo dialysis. Displaying the positive attitude the staff at Wisconsin Dialysis would come to see as the norm, Geraldine greeted the news with a chipper, "OK," and asked Dr. Yevzlin when they should start.


Geraldine now helps Wisconsin Dialysis patients adjust to their dialysis treatments. We asked her about her diagnosis and treatment:



Geraldine's energy and enthusiasm would be formidable for someone half her 92 years. She loves to travel, and commends Wisconsin Dialysis staff for helping her coordinate her dialysis treatments when she's away from Madison. 


Last year she went home to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.


"I went to a ball, and I danced all night long," she says. 


Geraldine believes her active life keeps her spirits up despite her thrice-weekly treatment regimen: