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1. Outstanding pregnancy rates consistently above national averages. Check out our success rates


2. State-of-the-art fertility care laboratory, experienced lab specialists to handle sperm, eggs and embryos.


3. Skilled doctors including the region's only male fertility specialist.


4. Specialists in minimally invasive reversal of vasectomy or tubal ligation, treatment of endometriosis and recurrent pregnancy loss.


5. Relaxing clinic atmosphere, easy access to interstate highways, free parking, front door pickup, complimentary wifi access and beautiful indoor garden.


6. Comprehensive services all under the same roof.


7. Experienced nursing staff, certified by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.


8. On-site financial counselors to meet with you and help navigate insurance questions.


9. On-site clinical psychologist to support the emotional aspects of your fertility journey.


10. On-site access to a licensed genetic counselor.