Instructions for Blood Work

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As part of your infertility testing and evaluation, you may be asked to have certain blood tests. Through the tests, physicians can examine your ovarian reserves as well as potential endocrine issues.
If your doctor requests blood tests, please follow these guidelines:
  1. Day 1 is always the first day of true period flow. If the flow begins after 9 pm, count the next day as Day 1. 
  2. You may be told to fast before your blood is drawn. This means you should not eat or drink anything for 12 hours before your test. 
  3. If one of your blood tests is a two-hour or three-hour glucose tolerance test, be prepared to remain in the lab for the entire two to three hours and sometimes longer. These tests cannot be done on weekends or holidays. 
  4. Take your lab request form to the Outpatient Lab at UW Hospital. The lab is on the second floor (main floor) near the information desk in the Main Lobby.

The lab is open from: 

  • Monday – Thursday 7am – 5:30pm 
  • Friday 7am – 5pm 
  • Weekends and holidays 9am – 11am

Though less ideal, your blood may be drawn at your local doctor's office.

  • Call to make sure that they are open on weekends and holidays
  • Make sure that the Generations Fertility Care fax number is on the request form (608) 262-7111