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Every day, people turn to the experts at Generations Fertility Care in Madison, Wisconsin, for help overcoming a fertility issue. We are inspired by our patients and thank those who have decided to share their experiences here so others will know what to expect.


Through their eyes, you will see Generations has a compassionate team that is among the most successful in the country. Our priority is helping families achieve safe, healthy pregnancies. We listen first and then work with our patients to establish a plan that meets their needs. 


If you're ready to begin exploring your options, simply call the clinic to schedule a consultation or complete our online form. Our patients are at the center of everything we do and we look forward to working with you to achieve your fertility goals.


The Phelan Family Journey


When Anna was 25, she and her husband decided they wanted to start their family. Anna went off birth control in hopes of becoming pregnant. After a few months, she realized her menstrual cycle had not resumed, which meant conception was not going to happen. Her doctor at the time thought Anna was experiencing a common and temporary side effect of some types of birth control – post-pill amenorrhea or lack of menstruation.


It wasn't until Anna met with a fertility specialist at Generations that the underlying issues were discovered. Anna was experiencing hypothalamic amenorrhea. HA is a loss of menstruation due to a problem with the hypothalamus – the part of the brain that controls hormones needed for egg maturation and ovulation. HA is often seen in women who have very low body fat.


Here is Anna's journey, in her own words:


I was pushing myself to the extreme, controlling my workouts and only eating "healthy" foods. Surely my extreme lifestyle habits were fine, right? Wrong.


I learned I had to make changes. I really cut back on working out so I could begin gaining a little weight. I was focused on bringing my cycle back naturally – which Generations supported and encouraged. They also connected me with fabulous patient resources and support to help with my anxiety, stress and worry surrounding this journey.


[The day my period came back] was one of the greatest days of my entire life. I remember emailing my [doctor] at Generations with the news. We were both over moon. After that cycle, I waited almost a month and a half to visit the clinic so they could check blood work and whether my body [was getting back to where it needed to be.] I felt good about their recommendations, as well as where I was mentally, emotionally and physically.


On my 27th birthday, [my body was ready to start fertility medications.] I gave myself my first injection. My body responded beautifully and after seven days the Generations team said it was time for the injection that would trigger ovulation.


The next two weeks seemed like an eternity, but I was elated when a home pregnancy test showed I was pregnant. I had a confirming test done at Generations and asked my amazing nurse, Leah, to leave a detailed phone message with the results. I waited until my husband and I were both home so we could listen together: "Hi Anna? This is Leah. I just wanted to give you a call with some news. YOU ARE PREGNANT, my friend!"


I dropped to my knees and cried while my husband held me. It was an amazing moment – one I will never forget. Nine weeks later my ultrasound at Generations looked great and I was ready to "graduate" to care by my regular ObGyn. Generations gave us a special 12-month sized onesie and I remember crying while we were leaving – it all felt so surreal and most definitely bittersweet.


Today, our son Jack is a happy toddler. We are eternally grateful to the Generations team and will always have a special place in our hearts for you.


The Phelan Family; UW Health Generations Fertility Care; Madison, Wisconsin


Rebecca and Sara's Journey 


When Rebecca and Sara Bender decided to have another baby, they were heartbroken to learn that Rebecca's AMH level was at the lowest detectable level and the chance of conception minimal. Dr Broadwell helped them understand the options including IUI and IVF. They decided on IUI, and Dr. Broadwell set up the medication plan. As luck would have it, they got pregnant their first time trying. Graham was born six weeks early, but he was healthy and happy. Rebecca, Sara and big sister Amelia are eternally grateful for the staff at Generations, and their encouragement to consider trying rather than give up.


Generations Fertility Care helped Rebecca and Sara when they decided to have another child


The Bryson Family Journey


Meet the Bryson Family: Valerie, Jamie, Leighton and newest addition, Grey. When they were ready to start a family, Valerie and Jamie had trouble conceiving. After a few years of trying, they were referred to Generations. They underwent a few unsuccessful rounds of IUI, then IVF before finding success with ICSI for both babies.


Generations Fertility Care assisted the Bryson Family when they wanted to start a family


More Stories From Our Patients


Tia and Kevin's Journey

Tia and Kevin had been trying to conceive for a few years. Their hometown obstetrician suggested they see one of the specialists at Generations Fertility Care, an hour drive from where they live. There, they were tested and treated as a couple and were overjoyed when their first IUI was a success.


They care about you as a person

We went through this as a couple
Someone has to be the one in 10 Price-wise, they explained what to expect
Our hometown providers
were part of the team, too
The long journey was so worth it

Rebecca's Journey

Rebecca researched a few fertility care clinics, but something just felt right when she walked in the door at Generations. The staff really listened and explained third party reproduction clearly. She felt well-prepared for her journey, which eventually led to IVF.


Choosing a fertility clinic My doctor really listened to me
It's an emotional roller-coaster Life has changed in the best possible way

The Daiker Family's Journey

Brad and Sara Daiker, with daughter Ellie Mae.My husband and I were married October 16, 2010. We weren't taking steps to prevent pregnancy but we weren't actively trying, either. We started actively trying about a year after we got married.


I never had regular menstrual cycles so it was difficult to track anything to know when to try. Around a year of trying I went to my general practitioner for guidance. She worked with me for about eight months. She tried different medication regimens but nothing worked. She recommended that I see an OB/GYN.


I made my appointment. I went in and he ran a lot of bloodwork. He asked for my husband to give a semen sample, too. I met with him again to go over the results. All of my bloodwork was normal. My husband's was not. He referred us to Dr. Williams at Generations. I was a little nervous how this whole process would work out for us because we live two hours from the clinic. Dr. Williams ordered tests, put him on medication, and suggested either surgery or to begin the IVF process. We were planning to do both.


After meeting with Dr. Lebovic it was discussed that if my husband had the surgery, we would need to wait at least a year before starting the IVF process and that there was a chance the surgery would make his already low numbers go even lower. We backed out of the surgery and decided to move forward with the IVF with ICSI process.


I had to go through some testing first and I was put on medication to make my thyroid levels come down. This process took several months. Before we knew it we were two and one-half years into trying for a baby. Finally, after many months of trying to get my TSH levels low enough, we were ready to begin the medications for IVF.


On February 1, 2014 we started our shots. We made four trips to Generations for ultrasounds. We completed our egg retrieval on February 2, 25, 2014. Dr. Broadwell was able to retrieve 11 eggs. Out of the 11, eight fertilized. On March 2, 2014 (my dad's birthday), we traveled to Generations for our embryo transfer. My parents were able to come along with us to join in the special day. Dr. Broadwell told us that we had one very healthy-looking 3AB embryo and a 3BB embryo. We decided to transfer one embryo (the 3AB one) and freeze the other for a second try if we need it. There were six others that were left in the incubator that weren't even to the level where they could be frozen by the time of our transfer. They said that they would watch them and if any were able to, they would freeze them today.


I got a phone call the next day saying that they were able to freeze four embryos total. We were pretty excited. On March 11, 2014, I traveled by myself to Generations for my blood pregnancy test. I knew that day that I wasn't pregnant. There was no way that it worked on the first try. Laura, the IVF coordinator, called to tell me that, in fact, I was pregnant!


I was so excited that I could hardly wait to tell my husband and family. March 13 was my second blood test and it still showed I was pregnant. On April 1, my husband and I traveled back to Generations to see our little "peanut" for the first time on ultrasound. Our beautiful and healthy baby girl, Ellie Mae, was born on October 28, 2014 at Monroe Clinic Hospital.


My husband and I are now discussing when we will go back to meet with Dr. Broadwell about trying for baby number two! I thank God everyday that he led us to Generations. They have a wonderful staff and I am so happy to tell anyone that will listen about our care and the process. I am proud to say that Ellie is our miracle baby granted to us by God but given to us by Generations Clinic. I didn't know that I could love someone as much as I do Ellie. 

The Nickele Family's Journey

Sally and her husband started coming to Generations Fertility Care a couple of years ago to begin their family. Since starting their journey, they now have three children, Harrison and twins Scarlet and Henry. Watch Sally discuss their experience at Generations.