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Dear Generations: A Letter from a Patient


KM (requested to be identified by initials) sent the following letter to our office on June 10, 2010, with the hopes of inspiring women struggling with fertility.


Dear Generations Patient,


I also experienced the life-consuming problems of infertility. Although everything else in life was going well (job, marriage, other health), I could not overcome my obsession with becoming pregnant.


I stopped watching any shows or movies that were baby-related. I quickly turned my head away from baby clothes in stores and pregnant women, and was honestly miserable at baby showers.


You are not alone if infertility is on your mind constantly. I always thought of it as a rollercoaster. To even out the rollercoaster, I did yoga and acupuncture. My positive thoughts and spirituality struggled, but when I started my IVF cycle I tried to be positive with a new vengeance.


After exactly three years of trying to conceive (which included a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy), I found out IVF worked for us! Not only did it work, it blessed us with twins who are now 23 weeks gestation. It took a year of testing, treatments and patience on our part to get to this point. Dr. Parry and the staff at Generations were extremely comforting, positive, and always available for questions. Even though it was a trying time, I miss them now that I’m not a "regular" there.


Throughout my infertility struggle, I wished I could talk to someone who was going through exactly the same thing as I was. I hope this letter gives you just a bit of hope.